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The Denver 2015 Mineral Showrooms

* Re-Updated January 16th, 2017 *

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MIN#Denver2015-41 NEW!

Classic museum calibre specimen featuring Amethyst with Calcite, Chalcopyrite, and Quartz!
This is one of my first specimens as a collector and it was formally in the mine director's personal collection.
It's a stunning combination of crystals with golden Chalcopyrites and large, well formed Calcite crystals. The
smoky-purple Amethyst crystal points add the perfect contrast and complete a very beautiful cabinet piece.
In excellent condition with large, perfectly terminated Amethyst crystals amid brilliant, lustrous Chalcopyrites.
From Taxco de Alarcón, Mun. de Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.
Measures 16.6 cm by 12.7 cm by 8.9 cm in total size.

Ex. David Morrell, Kevin Ward Mineral Collections
Price $12,500

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Denver2015-137CopperSilverWhitePineMineMichiganUSA144mm.jpg (251295 bytes)

MIN#Denver2015-44 NEW!

Dramatic specimen featuring Native Copper crystals with Native Silver banding!
This is a tremendous halfbreed and definately one of the most attractive I've seen from the
White Pine Mine. It's almost completely crystalline and features Silver banding near the base,
just above the base, and at the midpoint of the "V". The color and luster shift is quite noticeable
and makes for great aesthetics. I see what appears to be a spinel-twin Copper crystal along the
right side of the upper branches and the Copper luster is evident through the reddish-brown patina.
From the White Pine Mine, White Pine, Ontonagon County, Michigan.
Measures 11 cm by 10.4 cm by 1.5 cm in total size.

Ex. Liebetrau Silver Collection
Comes with a custom made, labeled display base
Price $7500

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Denver2015-43CopperCalciteRheinbreitbachGermany7cm.jpg (417240 bytes)
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MIN#Denver2015-45 NEW!

Rare old classic featuring crystals of Native Copper snug inside a matrix vug!
This is a really neat specimen which displays the brown patinaed Copper crystals in a cluster
that is protected inside a matrix seam which opened to form a small vug. The mine from which
this specimen came, the Virneberg Mine, is an ancient German Copper mine which has been
worked since Roman times and was active between 1611-1872. The entrance to the mine now
sits in a hillside beside a highway. This specimen displays dozens of sharp, blocky crystals in a
somewhat dendritic pattern which just a touch of green Malachite. Both aesthetic and historical.
From the Virneberg Mine, Rheinbreitbach, Linz am Rhein, Westerwald, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
Measures 7.7 cm by 6.3 cm by 5.7 cm in total size.

Price $1500

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Denver2015-109SilverAcanthiteBatopilasMexico37mm.jpg (311323 bytes)

MIN#Denver2015-52 Reserved!

Very aesthetic Native Silver dendrite with Acanthite and spinel-twin Silver crystals!
The herringbone-dendritic crystalline Silver at top sits above a surface of Acanthite crystals
and vertical spinel-twin Silver crystals. On the back side, just beneath the main crystalline
structure are two more crystalline dendrites and Acanthite crystals. This is a specimen that
could easily be displayed from all sides in a 360 degree setting. It looks great from all angles.
From Batopilas, Andres del Rio District, Mun. de Batopilas, Chihuahua, Mexico.
Measures 3.7 cm by 3.5 cm by 2.3 cm in total size.

Ex. Webb, Barnett Mineral Collections
Price $2500

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