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The Denver 2016 Mineral Showrooms

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Denver2016-17WulfeniteLosLamentos-Mexico84mm.jpg (204104 bytes)

MIN#Denver2016-4 NEW!

Fine specimen featuring glassy-lustrous Wulfenite tabs on Calcite matrix!
This is a good looking Los Lamentos specimen and the thick Wulfenite tabular crystals are in excellent
condition with barely a contract anywhere. Anyone who knows Wulfenites knows that so often these
crystals are chipped and contacted and they do not forgive damage. Once a tabular Wulfenite is contacted,
they show it all too well. This is why I always look for the cleanest, most pristine specimens I can find and
this is a specimen that is sure to please. Very lustrous and glassy crystal surfaces with an aesthetic display.
From the Los Lamentos Mts (Sierra de Los Lamentos), Mun. de Ahumada, Chihuahua, Mexico.
Measurements - 8.3 cm by 5.6 cm by 7.7 cm in total size (small cabinet).

Price $2450

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Denver2016-4AmethystKakamunurieMineIndia10cm.jpg (303969 bytes)

MIN#Denver2016-5 NEW!

Brilliant cluster of Quartz var. Amethyst crystals on matrix from India!
I don't find too many plates of Amethyst from India at the shows so this piece was quickly
acquired for the website. The crystals are extremely gemmy with a vibrant coloration beneath
super glassy crystal faces. The coverage of crystals is complete and very even across the matrix.
From the Kakamunurle Mine, Karur District, Tamil Nadu, India.
Measurements - 8.4 cm by 10 cm by 3.5 cm in total size (small cabinet)

Price $1500

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Denver2016-7ManganocalciteMontrealMineWisconsin125mm.jpg (223420 bytes)

MIN#Denver2016-8 NEW!

Rare specimen of pink Manganoan Calcite on matrix!
This specimen comes from an old Iron mine located in Wisconsin which has been closed for nearly
50 years now. It is the largest specimen of Manganoan Calcite I've seen from this locality in years
and the best in terms of formation and size of the individual rhombs. The main rhomb in the foreground
measures 8 cm in size and is accompanied by a 6.5 cm rhomb along the back side. I almost never encounter
specimens of this size and quality from the Montreal Mine so this is a rare opportunity to say the least. In
excellent condition overall with trivial contacts, strong dazzling luster, good color, and well trimmed edges.
From the Montreal Mine, Montreal, Gogebic Range, Iron County, Wisconsin.
Measurements - 12.6 cm by 8.7 cm by 6.8 cm in total size (cabinet size).

Ex. Dawson Calcite Collection
Price $2500

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Denver2016-14JWFluoriteCalciteWalworthNY65mm.jpg (271475 bytes)

MIN#Denver2016-11 NEW!

Exceptional specimen of Walworth Fluorite with Calcite on Dolomite lined matrix!
This amazing Fluorite specimen was offered to me during the Westward Show and gathered quite a crowd
when others saw it. The Fluorite is an elongated cube measuring nearly 4 cm in length! It is completely
pristine with a gemmy blue interior, glassy faces, and modified corners (typical of Walworth crystals).
To top it all off, there is also an internal rainbow which is probably caused by a transparent inclusion
of Selenite near the left corner. The above photograph shows part of the rainbow and it grows more
intense as the specimen is rotated. I can count the number of great Walworth Fluorites I've seen on just
two hands and this is both the finest and largest of them all. A rare opportunity for the Fluorite collector!
From the Walworth Quarry, Walworth, Wayne County, New York.
Measurements - 6 cm by 6.1 cm by 6.2 cm in total size (miniature size).

Ex. David Kords, Webb Mineral Collections
Comes with a custom made, labeled display stand
Price $8500

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Denver2016-5FluoriteSphaleriteElmwoodMineTennessee11cm.jpg (345615 bytes)

MIN#Denver2016-15 NEW!

Fine cluster of lavender accented Fluorite cubes with Ruby-jack Sphalerite crystals!
Great looking specimen from the famous Elmwood Mine but this one has a bit more than your average
Fluorite cluster. The Fluorite cubes have a slightly golden internal coloration which glows with direct
lighting in additional to a speckled lavender accenting atop many of the crystal faces. Red crystals of
garnet-like Ruby-jack Sphalerite are scattered about, adding additional color to the Fluorite cluster.
From the Elmwood Mine, Smith County, Tennessee.
Measurements - 11 cm by 10.4 cm by 9.8 cm in total size - (cabinet size).

Price $985

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Denver2016-22TopazQuartzAdunCholonRangeRussia8cm.jpg (398721 bytes)

MIN#Denver2016-16 NEW!

Brilliant crystals of light blue Topaz with Smoky Quartz on matrix!
An impressive specimen features gemmy Topaz crystals measuring to 4.5 cm in size. The crystal in
the foreground is the largest Topaz and it displays highly glassy surfaces and a textbook termination.
From the Adun-Cholon Range, Nerchinsk Gem Mines, Chitinskaya Oblast', Transbaikalia, Eastern-Siberian Region, Russia.
Measurements - 6 cm by 7.6 cm by 6.2 cm in total size (miniature sized)

Ex. Fred Meissner Mineral Collection
Price $1850

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Denver2016-24AzuriteMalachiteMilpillasMineMexico66mm.jpg (287756 bytes)

MIN#Denver2016-17 Sold!

Super glassy crystals of Azurite with Malachite partially ps Azurite crystals!
Easily some of the finest Azurites to ever come to market, the Milpillas find has been one
for the books! These crystals display mind blowing luster and glow under direct lighting.
The terminations are complete and the contacts are very few and trivial. This is one of the
things I always check for in a Milpillas specimen because so many have broken tips. The
largest crystal here is 2.4 cm in length and most average around 1.5 cm to 2 cm in length.
From the Electric Blue Pocket, Milpillas Mine, Cuitaca, Sonora, Mexico.
Measurements - 6.6 cm by 4.7 cm by 2 cm in total size (miniature)
Ex. DeRiggi Mineral Collection
Price $2500

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Denver2016-27SchorlFluoriteErongoNamibia84mm.jpg (254353 bytes)

MIN#Denver2016-19 NEW!

Super aesthetic combination of Schorl Tourmaline on Quartz with Fluorite crystals!
A great looking combo piece featuring a 4.3 cm, doubly terminated, lustrous Schorl crystal
sitting upright atop a bed of slightly smoky Quartz crystals. Accompanying the Schorl are
crystals of lavender Fluorite with purple accents. In excellent condition with no detractions.
From the Erongo Mountain, Erongo Region, Namibia.
Measurements - 7 cm by 6.7 cm by 3.1 cm in total size (miniature sized).

Price $895

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Denver2016-21WarditeRapidCreekYukonCanada45mm.jpg (307875 bytes)

MIN#Denver2016-20 NEW!

Bi-colored specimen of Wardite crystals on matrix!
A unique looking specimen, there's obviously some sort of Hematite coloration
going on here that created this two-toned appearance and it's really neat. The crystals
are sharp and glassy with very good luster. In excellent condition with barely a contact.
From Rapid Creek, Dawson Mining District, Yukon, Canada.
Measurements - 3.4 cm by 4.6 cm by 3.1 cm in total size (small miniature).

Price $385

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